Future Urban Mobilities: A Human Approach

Translating ethnography into impact materials

Ethnographic findings and concepts support our agenda to put people at the centre of future mobility design, by providing rich insights and examples. We have translated these into a range of workshop materials, which can be used to disrupt the technology-centric and city-centric perspectives which tend to dominate contemporary industry and government approaches to future mobilities.

Incisive video clips

Ethnographic video materials provide rich accounts of the ways in which people experience and act in everyday life situations. Often research participants show researchers their everyday routines, improvisations, strategies and activities in detail. Selected video clips of such detail are often ideal for illustrating a point to other project members in a way that both creates empathy with and understanding of the situation of the research participant, and is also memorable because it brings about a new realisation about how everyday life is lived, or even a shift in thinking.


AD Futures cards

Here you can download the AD Futures cards.

Concept cards

Here you can download theĀ Concept cards.

Commute journey maps